Security Innovation Grant 2011 Winner - NoScript

The Dragon Research Group (DRG) is pleased to announce the 2011 Security Innovation Grant award winner. The award is given to the most innovative project in the area of information security. This award recognizes and supports novel projects providing non-commercial and open-source solutions to Internet security challenges. This year's award goes to NoScript, a unique and popular browser extension that helps limit security and privacy threats.

Upon learning of NoScript's selection as this year's award winner, Giorgio Maone, the NoScript project leader thanked the selection committee for recognizing NoScript. "This is a great honor and a spur to keep making the Web a safer place. I feel the urge to thank the committee for recognizing NoScript as a pioneering force in browser security, and the community of contributors, researchers, translators, beta testers, and loyal users who keep this project alive day after day." On his his personal blog hackademix.net, Giorgio went on to describe specific development plans and goals for NoScript in the coming months. Patrick Green, DRG Advisory Council Chair and Manager of Networks and Telecommunications at the University of Warwick, speaking on behalf of the selection committee said "It has been a great pleasure to be involved with this very important grant fund - we had a very strong list of candidates for the grant, and it was very difficult to chose a recipient. I'm personally pleased to congratulate NoScript, and help them to continue the good work they do helping end users secure their systems."

This year's award was entirely and solely funded by a personal donation from Robert O. Thomas III. The grant is expected to be awarded, on a yearly basis, to a project with the highest overall merit rating by an independent DRG review committee. The DRG is seeking award sponsors for future awards. If you would like to make a US tax deductible contribution to help sponsor future awards, please contact the Dragon Research Group by sending email to dragon@dragonresearchgroup.org.

The Security Innovation Grant is a one-of-a-kind program to help fund innovative information security projects. Administered by the Dragon Research Group, the winner of the award is chosen by an independent selection committee drawn from the DRG Advisory Council. The selection committee is supported by input from an independent review committee made up of industry experts from the information security community. Award candidate submissions are open to the public with the review committee evaluating submissions according to the award guidelines and project criteria. Further details about the award can be found on the Security Innovation Grant page.

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